Why Was Gronk Flying Coach During The Bye Week With A Bad Knee?

Gronk Flying Coach

Something weird is going on in New England this week. Like really weird. Are the Patriots trying to get into the head of the Chiefs, gamblers and media with the Gronk medical updates that have been coming fast and furious? He reportedly missed two practices, had an injection in his bad knee at a hospital and now might be dealing with recurring back issues, according to the Boston Herald.

But the guy was flying coach on Sunday for his return to Boston from Fort Myers where he relaxed next to a pool?

Something is definitely weird. You’re telling me the franchise tight end, who has been working on a 6-year, $53M contract was flying coach to get ready for the playoffs instead of on one of Bob Kraft’s private jets? And then he starts missing practices and has back issues.

This is definitely not the Patriots that I’m used to. Lost 4 of 6 down the stretch. Chandler Jones is smoking K2. Belichick has a black eye and now Gronk’s all messed up after flying coach.

I go on Instagram and Dan Bilzerian is flying in a private jet all around the world. Meanwhile, Gronk – a real hero – is stuck sharing air with commoners. I hope this is all just a smokescreen.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.44.14 PM

No clue where Bob’s plane was at.

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