Buy This St. Louis Rams Tailgate Box Truck


Over in St. Louis, the people are sending crap to Stan Kroenke for taking away their football team, but in Los Angeles it’s a different story — people who care love the guy! (Personally, my interest level in this team is a flat zero, just like Ice Cube.) And if you are one of those Angelenos all in and ready to adopt the LA Rams, it’s time to get in on the tailgate game.

Maybe head over to Long Beach and take a look at the now-vintage St. Louis Rams box truck above? You’ll obviously need to do some updating once the new logos are revealed, or you can keep it classic — that’s your call.

Details from the seller:

Okay L.A. you got the team, now you need this ultimate tailgating van! Equipped with a Samsung 46″ HD TV, a Winegard Carryout satellite receiver, surround sound stereo system, wooden bench seats, an on-board urinal, and a “train” horn with air compressor. Extremely well maintained, garage kept.

Why was a St. Louis Rams truck kept in storage in Southern California? Who knows. The real question is why in the hell is this thing listed for $30,000? We’re hoping that’s just a typo.

A look around:

Hopefully it doesn’t morph into a “Kardasharam” logo:


More dated gear inside and a conveniently placed pole:


Your 46-inch TV: