Rams Fans Send Stan Kroenke ‘Poop Cocktail’

A lot of people in St. Louis are pissed about Stan Kroenke relocating the Rams to Los Angeles, but no one is more pissed than podcaster Kelly Manno.
We’re sure of this because Kelly — and some donors — took it upon themselves to send Mr. Kroenke $250 worth of crap from IPoopYou.com, a “professional poop delivery service” based in the Bay Area.
A look into Kelly’s mindset from The Riverfront Times:

“St. Louis is pissed off,” Manno explained on her podcast, which dropped Monday. “And here’s one thing that I have learned about St. Louis through this whole debacle. St. Louis is like having a crazy relative that you can talk bad about — but nobody else can talk bad about them, or you’ll kill them. We can trash it all day long, but when Kroenke trashes it, you’re getting poop.”

In case you’re curious about what type of shit Kelly ordered, it was apparently a mix of the best I Poop You has to offer.
Warning: If you don’t want to see a large amount of feces in tupperware, close the tab now.

[Main image via Jeremy Karp]

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