Kicker WAGs Of The NFL Playoffs – Meet Nadia Spencer, Fiancé Of Brandon McManus

I’ve said it over and over again and will keep advising the ladies out there to stop jersey chasing the NFL position players that have an average shelf life of 3.3 years. Get yourself a kicker. There’s a good chance he won’t be dealing with CTE issues at an early age, he’ll likely make a few bucks and, if he’s good, you might be sticking in one city for 10-12 years. Stability. Money in the bank. Comfortable life after he retires.
But I have bad news for the Broncos jersey chasers. Brandon McManus is off the market. Taken. Not officially, but his wedding to Nadia Spencer is scheduled for March. The wedding registry is live. (I’m in for one beer glass. Need to add to my wedding gift thank you note collection.)
I know what you’re thinking here: Who cares about kicker WAGs? Well, here we are in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and we’ve already seen one kicker WAG play an important part in the 24-hour news cycle. Blair Walsh’s girlfriend, Sarah Chaffee, came to his defense after what would’ve been a last-second game-winner against the Seahawks.
Of course the girlfriends/fiancées/wives are important to the playoff storylines. Of course that’s not going to happen this weekend in Denver. The Broncos will take care of business, I won’t have to hear about the Steelers for seven months and all will be right in the world.

Get to know McManus’ future wife, Nadia:

• Temple grad
• Works in Denver as a dental assistant
• Not a huge Twitter user, but knows when to drop a winning FG tweet (@nuccnuccnadds)
• Golden Retriever owner
• Isn’t afraid to crush a bag of Doritos

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