Blair Walsh’s Reporter Girlfriend Reminds Everyone He Scored All of the Points

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It goes without saying that life for Blair Walsh will be tough for a while. If the kick had been from 45 yards out instead of 27, maybe everyone would be piling on Adrian Peterson for fumbling instead of him — but that’s not what went down. It’s Blair who has become the meme.

However! Things aren’t all bad for the kicker who took me to the fantasy football playoffs. His girlfriend, Alabama reporter Sarah Chaffee, immediately took to Twitter to remind everyone the Vikings aren’t up 9-0 without him:

vikings were not in a position to win the game w/out @BlairWalsh3 keep in mind he scored evry pt today. also handled himself like class act

— Sarah Chaffee (@sarahjchaffee) January 10, 2016

Can’t ignore that point. Maybe the Vikings shouldn’t have stalled out on their drives and bank on field goals.

Anyway, moving on to what you thirsty dudes care about on a Monday workday — some deets on Miss Chaffee:

[Sarah Chaffee- IG]