Rex & Rob Ryan Hit The John, Lane Kiffin Walks Into Work & RG3 Clears Out

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Why I couldn’t lose last night

I know there were Ohio State fans out there rooting HARD against Alabama because of the title count and the constant SEC drumbeat. Not me. It didn’t matter whether Bama won or lost, BC was going to be in content heaven either way. A Bama loss would’ve meant serious depression out of these people. Broken LEDs. Gunshots. Fights. Arrests. A Bama win is an obvious content bonanza. There’s the Walmart trophy parade, the gloating on Finebaum and the mugshots while wearing the CFP shirts. I will say that Clemson fans need to start acting like they’re a top-5 program. Need to develop some craziness amongst the core fans. You can’t have Clemson Tom carrying the program off the field. Someone needs to step up during the offseason.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Nick Saban will pick up a bonus of $100,000 for winning