It’s Official, Clipboard Jesus Is Dating Jewel


from @ClemsonFB

It’s official, Jewel and Charlie Whitehurst are dating, according to Nancy O’Dell’s reporting from the national championship game. It turns out it wasn’t just some coincidence that Whitehurst and Jewel were photographed together with Robert Patrick over the weekend at Austin City Limits. It’s so official that Nancy shared the exclusive news with the Entertainment Tonight world.

E! even gets in on the news:

A source exclusively tells us, “They are boyfriend and girlfriend, and its official. They have been having a great time with each other.” The insider also adds, “Close friends and family to Jewel are really happy for her. She really enjoys being around Charlie. He is a complete gentleman!”

What’s better? Charlie has already met Jewel’s 4-year-old son. “He is great with kids,” the source notes.

Jewel is 41 while her new toy Whitehurst is 33. Jewel and her ex-husband bull rider Ty Murray announced they were getting a divorce in October 2014. Now comes the rebound with the younger Clipboard Jesus.

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