Sad Bengals Fan Doesn’t Need His Tailgate Van Anymore — $2,000


I know Bengals fans are in deep, deep depression after Saturday’s catastrophic meltdown to the Steelers, but there is one silver lining: it’s a buyer’s market in the tailgate vehicle game.

It may seem too soon to be thinking about next year, but what are Bengals fans supposed to move onto? The Reds are too busy giving away their best players for nothing and people in Cinci don’t give a shit about LeBron. The best course of action is to take that Bengals tailgate van above and cry in it until free agency starts.

Details from the seller:

Need to part ways with the Bengal van long story don’t want to but need the money anyways it’s a Chevy van runs and drives great the interior is awesome done right would be a fun fun tailgating machine call or text for more info

The guy is only looking for $2,000, which isn’t bad at all once you see that the interior is actually quite impressive.

Black and orange interior:

A sweet stuffed Bengal tiger:

And the side door panels have tiger print: