Browns Fan Creates A Hilarious Promo For 2016 Season Tickets


As we know, the Cleveland Browns are a complete dumpster fire right now like they have been every January for the last 15 years. Fans of the team are trying to sell my boss pictures of their first round quarterback in a disguise in Vegas and other players smoking weed on SnapChat, they don’t have a head coach or GM, and they are picking in the top five in this year’s draft once again.

But all of that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get in on the action for 2016 season tickets. Cleveland Comedian and Browns fan, Mike Polk, just released the greatest season ticket promo a Browns fan can ask for.

You can almost hear the excitement from the Muni Lot right now. There’s tons to look forward to for you Browns fans — like Joey Bosa possibly coming, Johnny’s second rehab stint that will actually work this time, and a brand new head coach to finally end an era of misery. Get your tickets now!