South Carolina Kicker Elliott Fry Hits Girlfriend Lottery, Meet Bailey Mooney

I was building the Daily Dump this morning and made a stop at Total Frat Move to see what those guys are up to this week and came across news that South Carolina kicker Elliott Fry hit the girlfriend lottery with Bailey Mooney, who has spent time as a South Carolina cheerleader. Why is this big news? Because it’s always big news when a kicker hits the girlfriend lottery. It doesn’t happen that often — that we know of — so it’s always good to give these guys credit when it does happen.
It also helps that Fry will likely get a chance to kick in the NFL after his 2016 senior season. He entered the 2015 season ranked the 4th best kicker by He hit two 50+ kicks this season, including a 52-yarder. Fry was 14-15 from inside 40. Roberto Aguayo, who is leaving early for the Draft, was 1-3 this season from 50+.
Add it all up & you have a new college football kicking power couple for 2016. I’ve preached for years that the cheerleaders shouldn’t be going after the possible NFL QBs. Grab yourself a kicker. These guys will stick around for 20 years and not have their brains turned to mush. You’ll live an extravagant life. Trust me on this one.
[Bailey Mooney – IG]

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