Tom Herman's Wife Unloads On Houston Sports Radio Host

It’s officially ON in Houston between 610 AM radio hosts Nick Wright & John Lopez vs. Tom Herman and his smokin’ hot wife Michelle. I blogged an hour ago that Tom was in a 22 minute sports talk radio rap battle with Lopez and Wright over a report that he “met” with Kyle Allen in December. Lopez reported it as if there was a face-to-face with Allen. Herman contends there was a phone conversation.
Also during that radio rap battle, Wright asked Herman if, after things settle down, the two could meet for lunch to bury the hatchet. Herman said something along the lines of no chance and the interview was over.
And now we have Michelle Herman going on the Twitter attack. Remember, she has three little ones at home so she’s just waiting to explode on someone. Pray for Wright because the worst thing you can do is piss off a mother of three little ones, let alone one little one.

Game. Over.
Look, let me just put it out there for everyone as a fact right now. Tom & Michelle Herman have the college football world by the balls right now. They can do no wrong. He has a Mensa membership, brought a natty to my Buckeyes, worked in sports broadcasting before football and these two are young, know how to use social media and have a Peach Bowl title in their pockets.
I feel like this is the start of a long, healthy relationship with Busted Coverage.


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