Emailer: Buy My Manziel Blonde Wig Photo For $3,000 — Inside Look At Negotiations

I wasn’t born yesterday, emailers. Like I can’t tell a photoshopped Manziel Vegas photo from the real deal.
So I wake up this morning after taking off a night from the computer and James (the Assistant) had been trying to contact me, but I wouldn’t take calls or look at the computer. That’s right, I sat my fat ass on the couch and watched a PBS Frontline show on¬†Benjamin Netanyahu. Top that night. You can’t. Frontline is great, in case you’re a total meathead & never watch.
Anyway, James tells me some guy on Twitter claimed he had the exclusive Manziel blonde wig photo and wanted to sell it. So I take a look at the email and there’s “Michael” trying to open negotiations.
Remember, I’m willing to buy media for the right price…if it’s legit. Need legit stuff here.¬†
[email protected]

Pre-Photoshop partying with “YesJulz” (far right) back in the day.



Billy Manziel Painting Sells for $500 on eBay
Billy Manziel Painting Sells for $500 on eBay
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