Naked David Blatt Calls LeBron Into His Office to Chat

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Do NBA head coaches also take showers after the game? We only ask because’s Jason Lloyd included an interesting anecdote involving David Blatt (and LeBron James) in his Raptors-Cavaliers 29 Thoughts column.

The juicy details:

22. Funny postgame moment: As James was leaving the locker room, Blatt – wearing only a towel – swung open the door to his office and called James over to him.

23. “C’mon Coach,” James said. “I can’t talk to you like this.”

24. He did, though. James obliged and after the two briefly chatted, James turned and walked toward Tristan Thompson. “That man was naked,” James said.

25. Players walk around locker rooms in towels all the time. Unusual to see coaches do it, however.

Of course, it was just last season that rumors swirled about Blatt and LeBron’s somewhat tense relationship. Fast-forward a year, and ol’ half-naked Dave is calling in his star player to have a nice — and probably awkward — chat. Life comes at you fast.