Grown Men In Full Cowboys Uniforms…Cool Or Total D-Bags?


I’m on the fence here over this one. On one hand I need grown aged men in full Dallas Cowboys unis to keep fueling the Busted Coverage machine and keep the pageviews rolling along. I need these kind of guys to anger you, make you click and then help pay my bills.

Just kidding, I’m not on the fence. I love when people make idiots of themselves at sporting events. Do I wish there were more fan fights this season? Absolutely, but Bills Mafia picked up some of the slack. Do I wish there were more women swinging from tailgating stripper poles? Yes, but we still had the Oakland Raiders fans with the mannequin bong.

Keep doing you, Dallas.

@bustedcoverage but wait…there's more. #Looooosers at #JerrysWorld today. Sorry no fights/puking like Bills Mafia

— RoRo (@j_rosales4) January 4, 2016

@bustedcoverage Romo is ready to get back on the gridiron. #TheReplacements

— RoRo (@j_rosales4) January 4, 2016