Emailer: Buy My Johnny Manziel Photo…Nevermind, TMZ Bought It

I figured you guys would appreciate an inside look at how Johnny Manziel photo negotiations go down on the Internet. It’s a weird world having a tip hotline that you guys can use at any time of day. It’s at the top of the screen…users can send things anonymously…you can make business deals. This is where the underbelly of the Internet goes down.
One minute I’m working on my basement, turning it into a man cave where I can escape this madness. The next minute I have this woman trying to sell me a Manziel photo allegedly taken on Monday at a Cleveland grocery store where Manziel was stocking up on wine.
How much would BC pay for this kind of Manziel photo? Maybe $20. Look, there’s nothing really special about Manziel buying wine. He’s at the register. There’s a wine box in the cart. The season is over, he’s pretty much finished with the Browns and he’s not wearing a blonde wig. Major price deductions.
I guess you’ll be seeing the full photo here pretty soon on TMZ.
Have a photo we need to buy? Doesn’t have to be Manziel. Let me know.
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Report: Johnny Manziel Wore Blonde Wig to Vegas Nightclub
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