Peyton Manning Getting Treated At Odd Clinic Isn’t As Weird As You Think



Is it weird that the treatment center where Peyton Manning was getting treatment in 2011 specializes in freezing fat? Of course. The Guyer Institute in Indianapolis is so big into the fat freezing business that they put up a billboard this summer along an Indiana highway advertising the service. The Guyer Facebook page is littered with fat freezing promos. This is where arguably the best quarterback in NFL history was getting hyperbaric chamber treatments that would lead to a comeback after missing the entire 2011 season.

The Guyer Institute, which is Al Jazeera’s moneyshot in its “Dark Side” documentary, doesn’t exactly look like the kind of place where the most important player in Colts history would be getting treatment. The place could pass as some sort of daycare facility. It’s the type of building I’d drive by and never think the GOAT was getting treated.

Guyer from the road, parking lot looks like it could use a resurfacing:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.34.59 PM

Guyer advertising its fat freezing to Indiana’s highway community11173317_861579020592679_6886636864586153602_n


The Guyer website feels weird. The Guyer Facebook seems kooky. All of it seems strange when you’re thinking about where billion-dollar franchises send their athletes.

And then you learn that LeBron gets into a cryotherapy machine at some place outside Akron that is even more nondescript than Peyton’s Indy hangout. I know, these places look like the places 20/20 used to show up at with hidden cameras back in the day when they actually did legit hidden camera stories.

But this is where world-class athletes are being treated. And you can go in and get the same treatments like the GOATs. I know, it’s insane. You can even get a cryo treatment at LeBron’s place for as low as $25.

So when Peyton says he was going to some random building to get treatments and you start thinking he’s in there getting HGH’d, remember that this isn’t new. GOATs go to these places you drive by and ignore. They’re in there staying great.

LeBron is a customer at a cryotherapy treatment center where they do organic spray tans

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.09.17 PM

LeBron’s cryo is next to a nail salon…pretty nondescript place.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.46.57 PM


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