Sydney Esiason IS BACK!


It’s not like Sydney Esiason totally left the Internet scene, but it has been 160 days or so since Boomer’s daughter published a bikini photo – until today. It’s not #tbt so we’ll assume this is a new photo from St. Barth. That’s the life you can live once college is over, you’re still dating Matt Martin (5 pts through 29 games) from the Islanders and you’re not tied down by the job like last year.

You have time to lounge around in December.

The other big news here is that Sydney and Matty Marts now have a Rottweiler. That means she’s about a year off from getting an engagement ring. Maybe during the offseason. Erin Andrews is going to lose it.

Esiason recently chatted with the NY Post:

“Dating an athlete wasn’t my intention,” Sydney recalls. She knows that world: Her dad is Boomer Esiason, NFL legend and co-host of WFAN-FM’s “Boomer & Carton Show.”

“My dad . . . and my mother have a great marriage. But the stories you hear, especially about hockey players [and groupies],” the 23-year-old says with a grimace.

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