Manziel Autographs Hundy, Favre Cowboys Jersey & Kim DeJesus IS BACK!

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My NFL season is officially over

I can now go on with life, do projects around the house, go Christmas shopping, do things with Mrs. BC and not have to sweat the Bengals on Sundays. Let’s say Andy Dalton didn’t decide to play safety against a defensive lineman. There’s a decent chance he gets out of the Steelers game without fracturing the thumb on his throwing hand. Decent chance you get a 1st round bye. It’s all over. Can McCarron win two gimme games against the 49ers and Ravens? You’d hope, but Eifert is now in the concussion program. It’s all falling apart and Bama Boy isn’t taking the Bengals any further than the 1st round of the playoffs. That means the season is over. Now the Patriots control the AFC and Gronk’s back. New England fans can book their flights to SF.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Starting with $100, and letting the Money Line ride on each game of 13-0 start, would have paid $64,480 (so far)