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So Derrick Henry will win the Heisman…

…because he plays for Bama and not enough of the voters actually watched Christian McCaffrey play for Stanford. So the easy way out here is to give it to the guy you’ve heard of over and over again. Henry had 339 carries; McCaffrey had 319. Henry had 180 rushing ypg against ranked teams; McCaffrey had 164.8. What about 200-yard games? Henry had 4; McCaffrey had 3. Now for a stat that should determine votes: all purpose total yards per game. McCaffrey 268.9; Henry 160. And if we dig down a little bit further to debunk those who think Henry is just way too dominant at the RB position…he had 1,986 rushing yards on those 339 carries. McCaffrey had 1,847 on 319 carries. So Henry beat McCaffrey by 139 rushing yards with 20 extra carries. But…but…but….SEC DEFENSE! That argument might’ve carried weight 5-6 years ago. Have you watched SEC defenses lately?

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Brady & Belichick have lost two straight only 9 times ever (the next gm: 7-2 straight-up; 6-3 Against The Spread)


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