Legends Football League Hires Dessie Mitcheson as Sideline Reporter

Big stuff is coming to the Legends Football League in 2016: they added an expansion team with the New England Liberty, and now they’re making some changes in the broadcast department with the hiring of Dessie Mitcheson as their lead sideline reporter for “LFL, Football Night in America.”
Information from LFL360:

A new branding campaign set to debut February 2016, will be centered around Mitcheson to launch her as the ‘Face’ of ‘LFL, Football Night in America’.
“This is a great moment for my professional broadcasting career and love for the game of football. The opportunity to work with these amazing athletes and sport, truly excites me”, said Dessie Mitcheson.
“Dessie is special talent that we want to brand with our sport for many years to come. Her passion for football is evident and we welcome her to the LFL, Football Night in America family”, said Mitchell Mortaza, Executive Producer, LFL Films.

Boxing fans, of course, probably know Dessie as the Tecate ring girl they couldn’t take their eyes off of during the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao buildup:
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