These Giants Fans Need Wrestling Lessons from Bills Mafia

Screen shot 2015-12-06 at 9.04.04 PM

As you all know, there’s nothing Bills Mafia loves more than guzzling a bunch of alcohol and slamming each other through tables with WWE moves. Chokeslams, F5s, elbow drops, etc. — Bills fans have done it all over the years. (In fact, you can check out a bunch of them on Intern Dan’s Bills coverage.)

But the wrestling theme extended beyond Buffalo Sunday with some Giants fans that are really into The Rock.

As you can see below, Odell Beckham Jr. fan was all about showing off his People’s Eyebrow and mean muggin’:

However, when it came to actual moves with his buddy, Odell wasn’t feeling it. Here he is holding on for dear life:

Before being on the receiving end of the weakest “Rock Bottom” ever:

I mean, we should have seen this coming in Video 1 when Odell fan refused to put himself through a table. Clearly more alcohol needed to be consumed at this tailgate party.

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