Michigan Fan Accused Of Throwing Drink On Child With Down Syndrome


There’s big drama brewing in the SE Michigan city of Adrian where an incident Sunday night at a Taco Bell has rocked the normally quiet outpost. A mother claims that Joyce Fallon, 69, the Michigan fan you see here, threw a drink at her child who has Down Syndrome. The local news has gotten involved and we have a full blown war of words on our hands.

Joyce, who could face assault charges, says she tried to throw the drink at the mother, but the lid didn’t come off. Mom says the Michigan fan chucked the drink at her quiet son, who is 8.

What’s clear is that this all started as Joyce was trying to eat because she had to take medication.

Michigan fan’s claim:

“And they sat down and immediately he started slamming his body into the back of the booth and it was hurting my back,” said Joyce Fallon. “I turned back around after 4-5 times and I said would you please make him stop doing that, it’s hurting my back. She said I don’t care, you stupid old b****, if you don’t like it, move.”

Fallon says things escalated when Andrea Ramos started calling her names.

“I said why don’t you just change places with him. ‘I said I told you I don’t care, if you don’t like it move you stupid old b****’. She called me that twice,” said Fallon.

Mom counters:

Ramos told 13abc her son was quiet and that Fallon threw a drink at her son, who suffers from down syndrome.

“She had a cup in her hand, and I watch her take the lid off and she chucked her drink at the back of my son’s head,” said Ramos.

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Michigan fan’s rebuttal:

“I picked my pop up and I got so angry because she called me that I just… but the lid never came off or nothing. She didn’t even get anything on her. I did not throw it at the child,” said Fallon.

Look, I don’t believe that Michigan fan would throw a drink at the kid. I can see a scenario where Michigan fan threw the drink at mom, but some of it hit the kid. That’s plausible. The argument was obviously between the women. The kid was sitting with his back to Michigan fan. So she grabs the drink, throws it at mom and the kid is sitting right there.

It’s too close to Christmas for a town to be torn up over such a story. Michigan fan should offer to throw the kid a fun party or do something nice for him. Everyone try to get along. It’s going to be a long winter up there.