Dirtbag Bama Fan Rips Off Tablet From Verizon Store


Muscle Shoals, Alabama police announced last week that they were hunting for a dirtbag Bama fan who clearly ripped off a tablet from a Verizon store. Store surveillance (720p — gotta be better than that, Verizon) shows dirtbag Bama fan walking in behind a guy in a Confederate flag leather vest. Confederate Flag Guy goes first. It appears he’s having trouble with his phone so the customer service rep steps in. (Muscle Shoals cops have stated on Facebook that Confederate Flag Guy contacted them and he has no role in this heist.)

Meanwhile, dirtbag Bama fan starts acting weird. He looks into a box to make sure it is loaded with a tablet. Then he looks around. Eventually dirtbag Bama fan makes his way back to the tablet for the heist. This one doesn’t get any more clear than this.

Under the shirt it goes.


The surveillance video is long so I cut the GIF so you can see the thief in action.