Match With Melanie Collins Tonight On FanClash, Win Money

FANCLASH.COM Trivia battles between Busted readers are back tonight with a special guest, sportscaster Melanie Collins serving as the trivia bounty. More on that later. You guys know the way this works. We’ll be starting the competition at 8 p.m. EST and going until 11 EST.

Tonight’s trivia topic: NFL trivia from 2010-2015.

The big twist during tonight’s competition is that Melanie Collins will be playing against you guys. Anyone who beats Melanie’s final high score will win $10 cash.

Tonight on FanClash! 8-11 EST – Click here to play

Tonight’s rules:


  • Players will compete in 3-person Multiplayer 10-question trivia questions, with a $1 entry fee per contest (NOTE:  top 2 players in each contest will get paid)
  • The top scorer in the event will earn 2 tickets to an 2015 NFL game in the players city of choice (exact date To be agreed upon), with a max value of $250 total for both tickets.
1. You’ve covered it all in sports. So what’s your trivia weakness? Baseball? 
Baseball is definitely my trivia weakness. It’s that one sport I’ve never been able to get fully interested in until the postseason, and even then, I’m still not extremely excited about it. I respect the game and understand the strategy involved and I appreciate the incredible history of the sport, but I grew up watching hockey. As a kid, when you’re used to watching a fast-paced, physical sport with big hits and fights, it’s hard to change it up and sit through a baseball game. I have more of an appreciation for baseball now, but I didn’t soak in much “baseball knowledge” growing up because we just didn’t watch a whole lot of it as a family, other than attending the occasional Phillies or Pirates game. So I would say my knowledge of the current game (teams and players) is definitely stronger than my knowledge of the history of baseball. Either way, it’s my trivia weakness!
2. You did a Fan Clash stop in Nashville. What did you learn about your sports knowledge from competing against others on the site?
I had such a great time competing against other people on Monday night! I think as a female in this business you tend to feel like your knowledge isn’t respected enough or good enough, especially if you didn’t play the sport, but after posting a record of 11-4 that night, I learned that I know more than I thought. The Fan Clash questions pop up quickly and that 10 seconds feels more like three, so you have to think extremely fast. Sometimes if I don’t know the exact answer, I know enough to get it through process of elimination.
3. Tell readers about where you’re at right now with your sports career. What are some of the cool things you have going on with work?
I’m currently working for CBS Sports Network as a sideline reporter on College Football. I absolutely love the college game and atmosphere so it’s been really enjoyable for me.  I also just started filming a new show for Golf Channel that won’t air until next fall, and I’m not allowed to give you any info on it yet, but it’s very different and will hopefully be highly entertaining! I’ve been working some freelance for ESPN too, whether it’s filling in for Michelle on SportsNation, filling in on First Take or covering the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (what an experience that was! Haha)
4. What do you like most about FanClash Trivia?
Fan Clash is awesome because it’s simple and it’s fast. If I have a few minutes to kill between segments or while waiting to board a flight at the airport, I can play a round in just two minutes! Plus, I love that it exercises my brain. You can never know too much in this business and I love that I learn something every time I play it.
 5. What’s your message to those who think they’re beating you in trivia Tuesday night?
I’ve met so many intelligent sports minds through my work it is difficult to pick just one. I did a sit down interview in London with José Mourinho last year and he was incredibly intelligent… Not just about the game itself, but from a tactical and managerial standpoint. My parents are close with Terry Pegula and Terry would have to be one of the most intelligent and successful people in sports I’ve ever met. Coach Krzyzewski is an unbelievable sports mind and even better person. But truthfully some of the smartest people I know in sports are people that I work with or have worked with. Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley are incredibly smart and knowledgable and make me better every time I work with them. I’ve had producers with knowledge levels so in depth I sometimes wonder if they ever do anything other than watch sports and look up stats. I can’t name just one here, there are so many and all for different reasons.
6. What’s your message to those who think they’re beating you in trivia Tuesday night?
Bring it! And warm up your index finger… You’ll need to click fast!


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