Frank Beamer and Urban Meyer Hit The Dab After Their Wins Today

By now, you all know “The Dab” dance that has taken over the nation. Every football player across America is doing it when they make a big play, Dabo Swinney does in the locker room after games, Cam Newton does when he scores and pisses off white mothers with daughters who write ridiculous letters to the Charlotte Observer. It’s everywhere right now.
Like I said in the GameDay post, it’s rivalry week with big time games across the board, so when they get the win these coaches get a little excited and out of their element. That lead to Urban Meyer and Frank Beamer both hitting us with a dab in the locker room after their wins today. We’ll start with Urban:

Fantastic form there. You can tell he’s been practicing and waiting until his third straight win against Michigan to bust it out.
Now onto to Beamer, who just coached his last game and provided us with the greatest Dab in history:

I’ll be honest, if we’re judging this by typical standards, that was horrible. But since it was a 69 year old white guy who’s retiring from coaching, I give it a 10 out 10. Sorry Urban, but Frank Beamer wins this one.

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