Auburn Is Still Living In The Past With This Troll Job Of Alabama


2013 seems like forever ago. I mean we’re a month away from 2016, so only about 3 years, but it just seems like a long time ago. Well, it looks like Auburn is still living in 2013, because they keep continuing this trend of trolling Alabama over the “Kick Six” play. If you remember, went like this.

Last night, one of Auburn’s buildings was light up with “00:01”, the remaining time left before Chris Davis took the missed field goal to the house.

Windows display "00:01" on the side of Haley Center in reference to the 2013 Kick Six. @AuburnU #IronBowl

— The Auburn Plainsman (@TheAUPlainsman) November 28, 2015

Granted, that was one of the greatest plays in college football history, but I think it’s time for Auburn to move on and not hang their hat on that one play as the trump card in their rivalry with Alabama. Saban is on his way to another playoff appearance and looking for Alabama’s 14th national championship (they claim 15 but that’s BS), and Auburn is stillĀ out here making “Kick Six” jokes.

So hey Auburn, maybe worry about that 6-5 record instead of living in 2013.