Ohio State’s Whole Football Team Got Locked Out Of Their Hotel Rooms Last Night In Michigan


We all know it’s rivalry week, so teams are getting amped up to play their biggest games of the season and looking for any edge they can get. Now I’m not saying that Michigan had something to do with the OSU team getting locked out of their rooms last night, but I’m not saying they didn’t have anything to do with it either.

This is like the conspiracy that the Utah Jazz poisoned Michael Jordan’s room service before Game 5 in the ’97 Finals, which went on to become “The Flu Game”. It’s fun to believe they had a hand in it even though it was probably just bad food or some hotel employee who was a Jazz fan.

In this case, it’s fun to believe Michigan orchestrated this whole thing, but there’s a more than good chance they didn’t. I’m sure that hotel is chock full of Wolverine fans and decided to pull a little prank. But I’m going to choose to believe Jim Harbaugh called up the hotel and told them to do it.

They just better hope they are going to face a flu game type performance from Ohio State today.