Sydney Leroux Still On Honeymoon & Swole Braylon Edwards

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Gobble till you wobble

Make sure you send me videos of your family fighting or any fights that end up on your social media timelines. Send pics of dad passed out while watching football. Send pics of mom preparing that massive meal. Send pics of your little brother being allowed to sit at the adult table for the first time. Send video of your dad cracking open a beer and telling your sister to get out of his recliner. Send all the good stuff that makes Thanksgiving so enjoyable year after year. We’ll celebrate together…after I take a nap.

Numbers fromĀ @RJinVegas:

-2 vs – would be first time EVER an undefeated team (Week 10 or later) is an underdog to a team with a losing record!

Jim Harbaugh Busts A Nut, Bill Walton Stoned In Maui & Jameis At Grocery
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