Packers Losing Because Olivia Munn Talked About Sex Life With Aaron Rodgers, Newspaper Commenter Claims

The Packers are looking for answers after dropping three straight games, including Sunday’s inexcusable loss to a one-win Lions team that hadn’t won in Green Bay since 1991. Fans want answers, too, and they’re looking at every possible angle to find a solution to the issues, including, from one fan, the theory that God has stopped rooting for the Packers.
This appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel comments section on one of the posts driving Packers fans crazy.

The sex life claim is weird since Olivia clearly stated on TV that they don’t bang on game days and that there might not even be post-game sex if it’s late. You’d think that this would be a good thing for Packers fans. The theory being that a pent up Rodgers will play his ass off for some celebratory tail.
The god thing is very interesting. The commenter has a point, though. You only hear from players praising god when they win. They never seem to mention that god didn’t want them to win a game.
The Packers are at division-leading Minnesota on Sunday.

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