Chicago Dirtbags Arrested For Pickpocketing At LSU-Alabama Game

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Were you at the LSU-Alabama game? Were you pickpocketed? There’s a very good chance your credit card(s) are at a police station in Tennessee after three dirtbags were arrested after cops found multiple IDs, credit cards and gift cards on the female passenger in a van that was traveling to Chicago. The driver presented a health card as his ID and the passenger was carrying $1,000 in cash.

From News2 in Nashville:

Officer: Are you the ringleader? Are you the man?
Johnson: I ain’t the ring leader of nothing.
Officer: You the one out pickpocketing at the stadium right?
Johnson: No.
Officer: Whose pickpocketing?
Johnson: Nobody’s pickpocketing.
Officer: How did you get all those IDs then?
Johnson: I don’t know how she got those IDs. I didn’t know she had no IDs.

And they probably would’ve gotten away with it if the alert cop didn’t pull them over for a license plate hanging down. Good work by the cop. Good guys won this time.

Seems like Sara has multiple issues going on right now.

Sara Bricco

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Someone might have a drug issue.

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