Are Missouri 'Whiteout' Football Game Day Shirts Racist?

Of course you know the situation on the Missouri campus and how the school system president stepped down today to meet at least on of the demands set forth by a group of black students who are mad over the response from the school in dealing with alleged racist incidents, an attack on Planned Parenthood and for dropping health care for graduate students. There are many more reasons going back to the Ferguson situation, but you get the idea.
So we have mass mayhem in Columbia. The football team went on strike. Gary Pinkel, sensing he’d never get another black recruit to play for him and coaching a 4-5 team, went along with the strike. Now the school president is out and Saturday’s game against BYU is on again.
What if I told you that Saturday’s game in Kansas City at Arrowhead was being promoted as a “whiteout?” It was on at least one t-shirt being sold by the university bookstore until the shirt was pulled from the website where you could “whiteout” for $20. The Google Cache link still exists.

“Whiteout” shirt is gone

I’ll need someone at Missouri to answer why the shirt was removed from the bookstore site. Waiting to hear back.

@bustedcoverage We don’t have these in stock. However, we have plenty of Mizzou shirts to choose from. Do you need help finding one?

— TheMizzouStore (@TheMizzouStore) November 9, 2015

So this begs the question: Are whiteout shirts racist? The blackout shirts from the Tennessee game are still for sale; $24.99 for the long-sleeve version.


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