Rob Ryan’s Costume, Passed Out Browns Fans & Amazin’ Disgrace

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NFL Playoff Probabilities

And the Cincinnati Bengals have clinched a playoff spot…according to As of this morning, the Panthers have the highest probability of winning the Super Bowl at 39%. The Broncos now lead the AFC in Super Bowl probability because they get both the Patriots and Bengals at home. I’m still waiting for one of these Stats Inc. type places to give me the last time the AFC had three 7-0 teams. I’ll keep saying it, you need to go 16-0 to get the #1 seed. 15-1 will likely get the #2 seed. Sinking fast…the Falcons…their playoff probability is down to 66%. Rising fast…the Vikings…54%. You can stop worrying about the Cowboys. They’re done. The Steelers are down to 27% and that might go down if the Colts pull out a miraculous win tonight in Charlotte.

NY is having a bad morning

Besides the Mets losing, you also have that performance from the Giants in New Orleans. And you have this headline even though the Giants lead the NFC East.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

First pitch: April 5, 7:17 pm CDT .

Last out: November 2, 12:33 am EST

Length of MLB season: 210 days, 5 hours, 16 minutes.