Kansas Students Rip Down KU Goal Posts After Royals Win Series


Kansas students took the Royals World Series celebration to the next level early this morning by breaking through the gates at Memorial Stadium and ripping down the goal posts. That’s not all, the students then paraded the goal posts through campus, as seen on video from the scene. At least one guy claims last night at KU will be talked about for a long time. I guess it was just that epic.

You can’t really blame the students for ripping down the goal post. That’s what happens when you haven’t won a big football game in at least seven years. I have Wichita sports anchor @KWCHWill researching the date the last time the KU goal posts came down. It’s either 2007 (Mangino takes Kansas to Orange Bowl) or the next season when the team finished 8-5. That’s my guess.


Celebration extends to Memorial Stadium, fence broken, field goal post down: #TakeTheCrown #KUfball pic.twitter.com/HRkBP9VC4A

— Amie Just (@Amie_Just) November 2, 2015


Sounds like the KU students had a good time


The broken field goal post resting on the banks of Potter Lake. #KUfball #TakeTheCrown pic.twitter.com/fgcWNj8N7G

— Amie Just (@Amie_Just) November 2, 2015