Curt Schilling’s Analysis Has Never Been Better Than Last Night


9 innings, three outs per inning…27 outs. Just wanted to point that out because that helps us set the scene last night at Citi where Curt Schilling was watching a Matt Harvey who wanted and needed to close out the Royals and make it a 3-2 series. Look at Curt’s words….”only take Harvey out if he dies.”

So Collins sent him out there, let him give up the walk to Lorenzo Cain. Ahh, now Curt wants Harvey out of the game. He went from so sure that Matt Harvey’s tank was full to killing Collins for leaving Harvey out there to give up the double to Hosmer after Cain stole second.

At least Curt didn’t delete the tweet. The perfect response is to just fight with fans on Twitter.

I guess this is why Curt Schilling isn’t a baseball manager.