Kansas City Royals Fans Celebrate World Series (BC Style)

Kansas City Star front page

You guys know the deal with Busted Coverage recaps of the major events in sports. I could do some SEO post loaded with Getty images showing you the same thing you saw on the local news or I can show you a Royals fan going to the hospital after a duel with cops outside Citi Field. History tells me you want to see that vs. Hosmer pouring champagne on Ned.

So we’ll go back to our roots this morning and show everything that you didn’t see on SportsCenter and Good Morning America.

Have a photo and or video of something crazy from last night? Let me know. Send it to Snap, IG, Twitter, email, etc.


Royals fan vs. NYPD

Drunk Royals fan versus NYPD — did not end well. pic.twitter.com/Uq26iuKcms

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) November 2, 2015

I wasn't kidding when I said it didn't end well. pic.twitter.com/uIsDeLrlR6

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) November 2, 2015

Dad going nuts like the Royals just won the World Series

And they’re going to win it in 2016, too

Great news, #Royals fans! The KC FOX affiliate has decided they'll win the 2016 #WorldSeries too! #TookTheCrown pic.twitter.com/10VLNA23TC

— Allison Hammond (@abhammond128) November 2, 2015

Weather guy still drunk


“All I Do Is Win”

Gun show

Jimmy Hart is all fired up