Ohio Sheriff: Steelers Fan Admits To Sexual Contact With Dog


via Norwalk Reflector

A Steelers fan living in Northern Ohio is in trouble for possible sexual contact with a dog, according to the Huron County Sheriff’s office, who arrested 23-year-old Timothy T. Cutcher. Cops were called out Saturday for a possible animal cruelty incident and that’s when the Steelers fan started telling them some disturbing details about his personal life.

From the Norwalk Reflector:

On Saturday, Lyons received a report of possibly animal cruelty on U.S. 224 in Greenwich Township. The deputy then met with Cutcher’s 16-year-old ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend reported Cutcher “has been having sexual contact with the dogs at his residence,” Shean said.

“He admitted to this, having inappropriate contact with the dogs and the relatives,” the deputy added.

Cutcher also “admitted to being addicted to sex,” Shean said.

Follow-up question for those involved…what’s he doing with a 16-year-old ex-girlfriend? Seems odd, right? Just me? He also admitted to cops that he had inappropriate contact with relatives.

Anyway, Cutcher has quite an interesting Facebook where he writes this week that “I’ve been thru hell and back.” There was also an “Are you a dog lover” meme posted on August 27. Seems like Tim might need some mental health treatment to deal with whatever is going on in there.

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