Is This The FedExField Fellatio Couple?



Emails came in early this morning from the BC Tip Hotline® with intel on possible suspects in the FedExField Fellatio story that rocked the Internet on Tuesday. It seems that the story of upper deck fellatio at FedEx resonated with the Virginia market because it didn’t take very long before people were scouring their Facebooks for photos of these two maniacs.

We’ll just provide the first names for the FedExField Fellatio couple so that it isn’t all-out pandemonium. Our tipsters say that her name is Brenna and James is the bro in the “Sean Taylor” gamer.


Please dont use my name and email address but this is 110 percent confirmed.  His fb has been locked down pretty tight but its him.

I analyzed Facebook pages and her IG, which was deleted soon after making a Follow request. No comment.

FedExField Couple

Let’s go back to what the eyewitness told us about the FedExField Fellatio couple and how this all went down during Sunday’s game.