Colorado Sheriff: Jason Witten Cowboys Fan Pulls Liquor Store Theft

Jason Witten liquor store 2

We might have a new favorite sheriff Facebook account. The Elbert County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Department made it very clear to this Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys fan that they’ll find and prosecute him for Saturday’s liquor store theft at a carryout in the tiny Front Range town of Elbert. The town has only 230 residents, but the Elbert HI-Test carryout has one of the best in-store video systems I’ve ever seen and this isn’t my first rodeo with store thieves.

Strong words from the sheriff’s department Facebook:

Here in Elbert County we work hard, take care of each other and believe “Thou Shalt Not Steal”. So Mr. Dallas Cowboy fan, your picture is now spread all over creation, congratulations – we are going to make you famous.

If you are the man that committed this crime, it would be in your best interest to turn yourself in, however if you choose to run, you will only go to jail tired.

If you know who this man is please call 303-805-6110.

Mic drop. Let’s put this scumbag in jail where he belongs. Help out Elbert County and the good people at the HI-Test.

Jason Witten liquor store

Jason Witten liquor store 3