UCLA QB Josh Rosen Has Hot Tub In His Dorm Room & Arizona Sorority Girl

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UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen is just 18, but he’s already living the good life in Los Angeles where he’s looking like a Heisman contender and has an inflatable hot tub in his dorm room. Oh, and that’s University of Arizona sorority girl Totally Christine (Alpha Epsilon Phi)in the hot tub with him. She became famous a few weeks ago when she showed up at the Arizona-UCLA game holding a sign asking for Rosen to call her.

One thing leads to another and she’s in Rosen’s room and in his hot tub. That’s the life of a big time college quarterback right there.

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Totally Christine tried a couple of different methods to get Rosen’s attention. She tried the front row sign and she tried by tweeting a sign photo while wearing a UCLA water polo shirt. The thirst is real with Totally Christine. The moral of the story here is that the more effort you put in, the better chance you have of ending up in Josh Rosen’s hot tub.

Can’f fault the hustle from Totally Christine.

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