Twin Peaks Bratacular Raises Funds For Breast Cancer Research

The Twin Peaks Shenandoah, just north of Houston, held its 3rd annual Bra-tacular breast cancer research fundraiser Tuesday night in front of a packed house filled with customers ready to bid on the bras custom designed by the models, which are also Twin Peaks employees.
Houston-based photographer Miguel Sada sent word that some of the bras were auctioned for up to $2,800. The money raised went to The Rose, Breast Health Collaborative of Texas, and the American Cancer Society.
It’s nice to finally see some legit fundraising from an organization not called the National Football League, which wouldn’t be in the pink business if it wasn’t good for business. And I’m sure Twin Peaks Shenandoah doesn’t care what the ladies write on eye black. Good job, ladies.

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