Roger Clemens & Toby Keith Karaoke To Toby Keith Song

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Roger Clemens has been fairly quiet after going on a nearly two year bender when he was appearing on Busted about every week, sometimes twice a week. Then he went pretty quiet this summer. Nothing. But that all seems to be changing. James found Rocket pitching in some baseball tournament this week against Oil Can Boyd’s team.

And now we have video from earlier this month of Rocket and Toby Keith doing some karaoke to Toby’s hit song “Get Out Of My Car” late night while at some golf tournament.

Toby and Rocket are pretty much best friends. They golf together. They party together. You put these guys anywhere near a karaoke setup and they’re singing. It’s just what they do.

Rocket drinkingĀ a lemonade

Nobody controls the mic like the Rocket…guy loves karaoke