Meet Bengals Punter Kevin Huber's Fiancee Mindi Naticchioni

Life is pretty good for Bengals punter Kevin Huber. Not only is he punting for a 6-0 team, this guy is engaged to Mindi Naticchioni, a model-turned-med school student at the University of Cincinnati. And he’s put 12 of his 23 punts this season inside the 20. Only 8 of his punts have been returned. Need I go on? It’s all happening for Hubes like it is for Tyler Eifert, a guy who’s having a Gronkowski-like season on and off the field. I’m kinda biased, but this has to be the season the playoff win drought comes to an end. Too many stars are aligned.
As for Naticchioni, she had a Hollywood modeling/acting life before coming back to the Nati.
From the University of Cincinnati:

So you were in Hollywood, land of the famous. Talk to us about your acting career.
“I was considered a commercial actress and model. At 5 feet 6, I am not incredibly tall, so I didn’t do high fashion. I would do Value City ads modeling sweaters. I did Speedway commercials and a lot of employee training videos. You have to be part of the company to see them. It was funny because I got recognized in Los Angeles for a Kroger affiliate company as part of a training video. Someone was like, ‘Weren’t you a manager in our employee video? I left California when my acting jobs were going really well. I typed up a letter of resignation and sent it to my casting agencies, asking not to send me any more casting notifications because I was going to medical school.”

And now she’s marrying the Bengals punter. This is how ESPN 30 for 30s get their start. Everything has to align. What happens a few years ago if Mindi doesn’t leave L.A.? She never meets Huber, he might have a horrible season and cost the Bengals a game in Pittsburgh that decides home-field advantage. But no, that didn’t happen. Mindi came home to steal the punter’s heart and the Bengals are 6-0. The guy’s drilling the ball and things are going great.
I’m telling you guys, things start to align and the train gets rolling. This is how NFL teams win Super Bowls. Or at least a playoff game.
The couple is getting married March 5, 2016 – a month after the Super Bowl.

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