Meet Tyler Eifert's Girlfriend Rachael Kimack

Brace yourself, Indiana. Bengals wide receiver and Notre Dame legend Tyler Eifert’s girlfriend is Rachael Kimack, a former Purdue soccer player. I know, you’re struggling with how that’s possible since the schools are enemies. This stuff happens. Humans put aside differences and connect on a personal level that doesn’t include heated arguments over why Notre Dame dropped the Purdue rivalry game.
And it helps that Eifert is now the Bengals breakout star who is tied for the NFL receiving touchdown lead with six and is sixth amongst tight ends in receiving yards (342). Let’s dig even deeper: Devonta Freeman (10) is the only player who has more total touchdowns.
• The Bengals are 6-0
• Eifert is having a historic season
• Eifert’s dating a former Purdue soccer player turned outside sales rep based in Cincinnati
• These two seem to crush some beers, he plays golf, there’s a dog involved – they’re fun
• He’s out of Fort Wayne; she’s from Carmel, Ind.
• @racheyk9
What more can I add? The Bengals are winning the Super Bowl. The playoff win drought will end and Eifert will outplay Gronk in the AFC title game. It’s all happening.

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