Cubs Fan In Goat Costume Gets Slammed & Arrested By Pittsburgh Cop

Remember the guy wearing the goat costume at the Cubs-Pirates play-in Wild Card game? A video surfaced this week showing the goat getting choked, slammed and arrested by a Pittsburgh cop after making his TV debut.
How did this all start? PINAC has the details.

It all started when the man identified only as “Dimitri” got on TV with his sign and elaborate costume, and a Pirates fan responded by hitting him with a tobacco spit cup and “having words.”
A Pirates usher then decided to kick out the fan from the other team for being harassed.
Obviously, Dimitri’s a die-hard Cubs fan to make a road trip for a playoff game with tickets selling at $180 a seat and up on Craigslist, also bearing a sign and costume.
Little did he know Pittsburgh cop would play hardball with him at the MLB Wild Card Playoff game at PNC Park, but they didn’t make an arrest, since Dimitri had done nothing wrong.
“You have to go, you have to go now,” said the Pittsburgh Police officer echoed by Pittsburgh Pirates staffers.

And eventually the goat turned in what is the best arrest video – so far – from the 2015 playoffs.

That’s the goat during better times.

This is the goat getting suplex slammed.

And here’s the full video from PINAC.


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