Passed Out College Fans, Peyton Taking A Leak & Cards-Cubs Family Feud

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Like I said last week, what’s “Playing like a #1” mean?

Michigan State didn’t exactly destroy Rutgers. TCU didn’t exactly roll over Kansas State. Baylor destroyed the worst Big 5 team in college football. I guess you put LSU #1 because it dropped 45 on South Carolina, a team that has wins over North Carolina and UCF, the worst mid-major team in college football. Maybe Utah is your #1. Depends on what you think of Cal. Clemson is probably your #1. Give them all the pressure. They also have the schedule that looks the easiest. I’ve said it since Week 1. Survive and advance. Just get into the playoff. You’re not playing for home-field advantage. Just survive. So we’ll learn a bunch next Saturday on who’s going to be around in January. Bama-A&M; Michigan State-Michigan; Florida-LSU; Arizona State-Utah; USC-Notre Dame.

Bengals playing in the Super Bowl today

Not a Bengals fan? You have no idea what today feels like for fans that have suffered through the misery of being a Bengals fan. Today is the Super Bowl for Bengals fans. The chance to go 5-0. The chance to beat a team that should’ve won back-to-back Super Bowls. The chance to stay in the race for a first-round bye. It’s all on the line today. Life hasn’t felt like this since 1988. I’ll probably puke before kickoff just to get it out of my system.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

at home during regular season: 15-4 Against The Spread streak