Meet TCU Cheerleader Brittany Gibson…She Shoots Guns & Fishes

It’s no secret that you guys go nuts every single time I post a cheerleader who hunts or fishes…especially both. There was a Bama cheerleader a few years ago who slayed deer and largemouth bass that drove you guys nuts. There have since been others. Now it’s time to introduce you to TCU cheerleader Brittany Gibson, a trap shooting, bikini wearing, cheering machine for the #4 ranked Horned Frogs.
And she fishes.
I know what you’re thinking: will she marry you? Bad news, bros. It looks, according to her IG, that there might be some guy who already stole her heart at the boyfriend level. I’m pretty sure this is the same guy that once asked her to homecoming via a Chick-fil-A sign. You guys have to be quicker. If one comes along that shoots and fishes, you have to lock it up. Lesson learned.

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