Alabama Cheerleader Is BCS Championship’s Hottest Deer Hunting/Fishing Outdoorswoman

BC has profiled Alabama cheerleader Sidney before for her fishing abilities.

Who can possibly forget the shredded jean shorts and cowboy boots while fishing look? Not us. We’ve kept in touch and are comfortable going out on a limb with today’s announcement.

Sidney is the “Hottest BCS Championship To Bag A Deer And Largemouth Bass In The Same Year.”

Even ‘Bama haters have to be able to appreciate a woman who can hunt for her own food, wear RealTree├é┬« (or whatever it’s called), smile proudly after slamming an arrow into a doe and be on the sidelines in Pasadena within weeks.

There is something magical about that and must be honored.

BC editors scoured Facebook accounts looking for Texas cheerleaders who might have accomplished this trifecta and found nothing.

Even a photo of one of them eating a tequila worm would have been interesting. Nope.

So kudos to Sidney on being a good Southern girl who doesn’t mind pleasing a guy with a fishing/hunting trip and then hitting the beach in her bikini.

(LSU fan is going to go nuts when he discovers this post. Man up, boys. Find us a comparable LSU lady and we can talk.)