Toronto Grandma Hearts BJs, Ryan-Ventura Cake & Wienerschnitzel Girls

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Tonight is Trivia Night on Busted

We went out and secured a deal with to hold BC’s 1st Trivia Night and giveaway $1,000 in prizes for just knowing the NFL. Get signed up. The action goes down tonight from 8-11 EST. You can play at any point between those hours. You’ll have 10 chances to get into the money. Don’t say I never do anything for you guys. Oh, and you guys are always asking me about free shit like t-shirts. How about cash. Go make your own shirts.

Why should a hockey franchise be awarded to Las Vegas?

Because MGM built an arena for the NHL to move to Vegas and didn’t spend a dime of public money, according to the Las Vegas Sun. That’s a $375 million arena that wasn’t built after lawmakers shoved it down throats. Give them a team. It’s time.

Numbers fromĀ @ToddFuhrman:

A new era in college football is officially upon us…current O/U for and is 90