Lambeau MNF Honeymoon, Penn State & WVU Party Girls, Plus Phil McRotch

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NFL Playoff Probability Update

There was some question by BC readers on Monday whether the Packers would jump to the top of the probability list after going to 3-0. I have bad news: the Packers are at 73% to make the playoffs. That puts them behind the Bengals. The Falcons still have the highest probability at 81% to get in and 13% probability to win the Super Bowl. The 3-0 team with the lowest probability to make the playoffs: Denver – 64%.

Las Vegas pimp

This guy was arrested this week in Vegas for being a pimp and running a prostitution ring. I’m shocked this is what he looks like. 

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

have not thrown a TD pass to a WR since the 2013 season.

Until last night.