Usain Bolt Slappin’ At The Club, Jessica Simpson Implant Theory & Nike LeBron 13s

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Baseball or college volleyball. That’s your Wednesday. Here’s the wild card of the night – watch the NBCSN videos from Tuesday night’s preseason game in Johnstown, PA. It was Slapshot Appreciation Night. No clue if it’s all OnDemand. Check your cable box. Oh, and it’s BC Trivia Night. 8-11 EST. Answer NFL questions, win part of the $1,000.

• Rachel Hilbert at the beach…trust me on this one

Usain Bolt slappin’ ass at Miami club

Jessica Simpson got breast implants? Something looks new

D Rose accuser mad she didn’t get paid back for sex toy

Mark Richt corn maze

Here they are…the Nike LeBron 13s!

OK sheriff SUV covered in bees – AAHHHHHH!

Meet Jennifer from Montclair State U.

Fatty Cubs Fan of the Year

Sandwich of the Day

This #BergerCookie ice cream sandwich from the #Baltimore @creamcruiser though… 👀👌

— Baltimore In A Box (@baltimorebox) September 29, 2015